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Our Wellness & Nutrition Coaches

Julie Wald, MSW, RYT
Wellness Coach
A wellness practitioner for over 25  years, Julie Wald, is the Founder, CEO and Chief Wellness Officer at Golden. Julie is also the #1 bestselling author of “Inner Wealth - how wellness heals, nurtures and optimizes ultra successful people.” She holds a master’s degree in Social Work from New York University and began her career in 1995 as a clinical social worker treating adults, children and adolescents in mental health and healthcare settings. In the process of building her impressive mental health practice, Julie also pursued her personal wellness objectives and in doing so became a Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Thai Bodyworker and Reiki Master. 
Shoshana Belisle, LMSW, MA, RYT, NBC-HWC
Wellness Coach

MSW, New York University

MA in Psychology, Columbia University

PhD Candidate, Saybrook University

Registered Yoga Teacher

Anna Sandbank, LCSW, NBC-HWC
Wellness Coach
Anna is an integrative health and wellness coach with expertise that also includes over 20 years as a licensed clinical social worker. She decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion for serving others as they reach their highest potential and as a way to “be the change.” Areas of particular focus include stress management, nutrition and relationship with food, self-care, burnout prevention, mindset, mind-body integration, spirituality, and work-life integration.
Jeanette Waegelein, MS, RDN
Nutrition Coach
Jennie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a focus on integrative health. She is constantly looking for ways to help others be well in the dynamic and busy world we live in. She believes in a whole-body approach, using nutrition as a guiding factor for overall wellness. Jennie uses her knowledge of the physical body along with an individual's unique goals to fill gaps in both diet and lifestyle to meet each person's needs.

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Our Instructors

Lilly Balch
Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Lilly Balch is a Brooklyn-based creative, therapeutic yoga instructor, meditation teacher & creator/host of The Morning Ritual Podcast. Lilly brings a mindful, positive, and bright energy to her teaching.
Gillian Cilibrasi
Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Gillian is a Master Wellness Professional, as she is a Yoga Teacher, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. For ten years, she served as the Program Director for Donna Karan’s Urban Zen’s Integrative Therapy Program, an advanced teaching program focused on integrating complementary healing modalities into mainstream medical care at institutions such as Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC and UCLA Health Systems in LA. Gillian’s client-oriented work focuses on reducing stress and enhancing healing in corporate, preventive and acute scenarios.
Matthew Baker
Fitness Instructor
Matthew is a NASM certified personal trainer, hailing from the United Kingdom with a BFA in Musical Theatre. He is a professional actor/singer/dancer and has performed for many years in London, NYC, and touring shows. As a NASM certified personal trainer, Matthew's personal training career stems from a deep passion for the impact that fitness has on the body and mind. Body sculpting, therapeutics, and weight training circuits combined with HIIT cardio for tonality and weight loss are all part of his scope.
Cathryn Cioper
Fitness Instructor
Cat acquired her BFA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Dance Performance from San Francisco State University. She continues to study with various contemporary and jazz choreographers in NYC and choreographs herself when she finds the time. Recently working as a group fitness instructor for Crunch Inc., she has also shared her passion for health and fitness through teaching  barre, HIIT, boxing and conditioning classes.
Marlee Weinberg
Yoga and Meditation Instructor
 Marlee’s teaching philosophy is an amalgamation of theories and techniques she has acquired through over 20 years of studying and teaching modern dance.  Over the last decade, yoga and meditation have been integrated into her personal movement practice and teaching. Along with yoga and meditation, Marlee has also studied various healing art modalities such as herbalism, reiki, Spiraldynamiks, Thai massage and other forms of energy healing.
Jonathan Lockie
Massage Therapist
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