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Personalized Self-Care Plan

Golden wellness advising is the perfect place to start when you're looking to maintain—or regain—healthy routines. Your advisor, a wellness expert and social worker, is well trained in the mind-body connection and experienced in using different healing modalities.

Step 1.  Meet With an Advisor

When you meet with a Golden wellness advisor, you'll evaluate your self-care habits and set healthy lifestyle goals using Golden's Four Pillars of Wellness:  Movement, Stillness, Connection and Nourishment.


Step 2.  Get a Wellness Plan

Are you looking to improve your eating habits? Exercise more consistently? Work on your relationships? Learn how to calm your busy mind?

After your call with a Golden advisor, you'll receive a wellness plan customized just for you. This action plan will detail specific research-backed recommendations.

Step 3.  Put Your Plan Into Action

Whatever area of wellness you're looking to enhance, our fitness and/or wellness sessions are a great place to start. Build your self-care routine with tools like massage, private yoga, personal training or nutrition.

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